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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is instastub?

    instastub is a secure online platform for users to sell and buy event tickets. instastub uses PayPal to process transactions and provides the digital delivery of PDF tickets to buyers. We take the hassle out of selling and buying tickets, so you can sit back and relax or have an awesome and stress-free time getting to your event.

  2. How does it work?

    For Sellers:

    1. Sellers create a page listing for their ticket(s) on instastub and upload their PDF ticket(s) to the platform at the price they set.

    2. instastub provides a page listing that sellers can post to Craigslist, Facebook, twitter, or anywhere on the web.

    3. Once the seller's ticket(s) has been purchased and the seller is paid, instastub delivers the PDF ticket to buyer directly via email. (All of this happens instantly!)

    For Buyers:

    1. Buyers land on the seller's page listing for ticket(s) and directly purchase it using their PayPal account.

    2. Once the transaction is processed, the PDF ticket(s) will be delivered directly to the buyer's email address.

    With instastub, sellers can conveniently sell their event tickets up to the last-minute and buyers have the freedom to buy tickets when they want -- even minutes before a show or concert.

  3. What are the instastub fees?

    Unlike competing services that charge an assortment of convenience fees to sellers and buyers, instastub requires a 5% fee from the seller, a tiny fraction of what competitors charge. There are no other convenience fees that the seller or buyer incur.

    We know how expensive it is to attend events and we’d rather see you save your cash for a few extra drinks or for the ticket purchase for your next event!

Selling Tickets

  1. How do I sell multiple tickets to one event?

    If you have more than one ticket for an event, you can simply list the number of tickets that you have for the event in your event listing.

  2. How do I sell tickets that have specific seats and sections?

    You will have the option to add the seat and section numbers in the "Additional Information" section of the listing for your ticket when you create your event listing.

  3. Can I make multiple listings for the same event?

    You should only make multiple listings for the same event IF you have different types of ticket (e.g., General Admission vs. Balcony). You should make a single listing if you have multiple tickets that are all of the same ticket type (e.g., all General Admission or Section 209, Seats A1 - A4).

  4. Can I cancel my listing or edit details?

    You can edit or cancel your event listing IF your ticket has not been sold.

  5. Can I sell hard copy tickets?

    No, instastub currently does not support hard copy tickets. Currently only original PDF (issued by the venue) are eligible for sale on instastub.

  6. I don't have my PDF tickets yet. Can I still create a listing?

    No, not yet. You need to have your PDF ticket in order to create your event listing.

  7. What kind of fees do I incur when I sell my tickets on instastub?

    instastub deducts a 5% fee of the total cost of the ticket(s) from the seller once the ticket(s) is sold.

Buyings Tickets

  1. Who am I buying these tickets from?

    instastub sellers include individuals (like your friend or neighbor) or businesses (like ticket brokers, promoters, etc). All instastub sellers have the right to sell and transfer electronic tickets to the buyer.

  2. When do I get my tickets?

    Your tickets will be available directly after your payment has been processed. Once your payment has been processed, we will email you a link to your email address that is associated with your PayPal account with instructions to download your tickets immediately. It’s as simple as that!

  3. Are there any convenience fees?

    No, instastub does not charge buyers any convenience fees at all. The price a buyer pays is set by the seller.