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What is a Bulk Uploader?

The instastub bulk uploader is a tool used to upload multiple tickets and process them very easily with little effort from the user. Instead of uploading one ticket at a time, you can put them in a zip and upload them all at once with a simple click of a button. Once uploaded, our system parses the information in the tickets so that all the user needs to provide is the price of each ticket.


First accumulate all the specified pdf tickets on your local computer and compress them into a zip file.Click here If you are using a Windows.

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Select the team that you wish to upload multiple tickets for. Click upload tickets and choose the zip file that you previously created. If your team of choice is not shown, let us know and we will create the bulk upload option specifically for your team.

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Set the prices of each individual tickets and accept the terms and conditions. Next, click on "publish my listing."

Then check your email address for the confirmation link and click it or paste it to your address bar.

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Once you are redirected to this link, copy the code and paste it into your craigslist ad. That's it!

Below is a sample of how your ad should look. Now when people visit your craigslist ad, all they have to do is visit the links provided to buy your ticket.

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