Instantly buy and download tickets with confidence.


💥Tired of paying 25% in "(in)convenience fees" when buying and selling your event tickets? Tired of the hassle of coordinating payment and ticket exchange when using Craigslist and other sites to sell tickets? We're over it too, which is why we created instastub.

Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, instastub makes it easy for you to buy and sell your event tickets. Cutting out the big middleman, we provide a secure online platform for ticket listings and handle the PDF ticket delivery. Users pay each other directly via PayPal once a ticket has been purchased and instastub only requires a 5% fee from the seller.

With instastub, you can seamlessly sell or buy tickets up to the last minute before an event. No more wasted tickets and random assortment of extra fees again! Whether it's tickets to a show for a local band or to the Super Bowl, instastub is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to buy and sell tickets.

👍Selling tickets made easy

List your ticket

List your ticket on instastub for free. Set your own price.

Sell it

Post a link to your instastub ticket listing anywhere on the web -- Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We deliver your ticket and you get paid instantly

When a buyer purchases your ticket, they will be paying you directly via PayPal. Payment will be made immediately to your PayPal account once your ticket is purchased. instastub only requires a 5% fee.

Once the purchase transaction is complete, instastub will directly deliver your ticket to the buyer via e-mail instantly.

🎫Buying tickets with confidence

Buy your ticket

Buy your ticket on instastub for the listed price by the seller. Pay the seller directly through PayPal. We don't charge buyers any type of "convenience fees" at all.

Receive your ticket instantly

Once the transaction is complete, we deliver the PDF ticket to your inbox immediately. No more tedious coordinating with sellers about payment and ticket exchange. It's as simple as that!